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#StopCholera in Nigeria

Springs Aid Foundation embarks on door-to-door campaign in FCT, Abuja Nigeria.

The FCTA on 30th July, 2021 confirmed that Cholera cases has exceed 1000, as death toll rises to 69. Springs Aid Foundation has launched a Door-to-Door campaign to stem the tide of the growing cases in the epicenter of the outbreak (Bwari) Abuja FCT Nigeria. #StopCholera .

Advocacy Visit to Panunuke Village

Springs Aid Foundation, in partnership with the Bwari Area Council to embark on a free deworming exercise of children aged 2-14 in Igu ward, Panunuke village on Sunday 1st of Dec, 2019.


According to WHO estimate, intestinal parasitic worms affects approximately 1.5 billion people worldwide and Over 870 million children are at risk of parasitic worm infection. Children and adult should deworm every 6 months. Worm infections poses serious threat if not checked to health, education and productivity of children. It interfere with nutrient intake and can lead to anaemia, malnourishment, impairment and physical development of a child. The aforementioned threats are the reasons why children who suffer from this parasitic disorder may not live up to expectations in schools or other life pursuits. Springs Aid Foundation field officials paid advocacy visit to the palace of Panunuke village head, Mr Solomon D. Goni, to take a need assessment and sensitise the community on the health implications of not deworming a child. The health benefit of deworming a child are enormous and cannot be over emphasised.

Also on the advocacy visit entourage to the village was representative of the Bwari Area Council, Mr Hassan Daniel. The village head who was full of gratitude was on ground to receive the Springs Aid foundation entourage. The Area Council representative Mr Hassan Daniel, in his remarks introduced the officials of Springs Aid Foundation to the village head and why they have visited. Mr Hassan, who spoke in their local dialect for better communication highlighted the significance of the Foundation's visit to Panunuke village. He said the children who are below 14 yrs are the primary target of the deworming exercise as this will further boost their productivity capacity both at school and other areas of life. The village head in his response expressed happiness and assured his readiness to support what he referred to as a kind gesture by the Springs Aid Foundation to deliver free vaccines to the children of the community. Mr Goni, said the free deworming vaccination exercise is timely and is coming on the hill of a rather poor healthcare facility that have so far bedevil the community.

He further stressed that quality healthcare system is panacea to quality life, though, these kinds of free healthcare opportunities are rare to come by and when they do, the beneficiaries of such opportunities are people who live in closer towns and cities unlike those who live in the remotest part of the FCT like Panunuke village. He thanked the Springs Aid Foundation team for choosing to bring the project to his people and promise to help mobilise his subjects in a bid to ensure the successful completion of the programme.

Medical Outreach

The tale of poor communities ravaged with poverty and lack of adequate health care is unprecedented in Nigeria. The global critical stakeholders like UNICEF, WHO, World Bank, national government, state government, local government and local NGO have advocated for the need to be more proactive in delivering essentials services to the poor. In light of meeting this noble obligation, Spring Aid Foundation in partnership with Bwari Area Council organized a free ‘Deworming Exercise for 1500 Children who are under 14 years in Panunuke Village, Igu ward, Bwari, FCT Abuja on 1st December 2019.

Panunuke village, is a local settlement of the FCT inhabitants who are predominantly Gbagyi by tribe. The village is situated in IGU, one of the Bwari Area Council wards. The community is about Fifty thousand (50000) square metres in size and harbours about three thousand (3000) villagers and settlers with a village head as a point of contact between the people and the goverment. Over 870 million children are at risk of parasitic worm infection. Worm infections poses serious threat if not checked to health, education and productivity of children. It interfere with nutrient uptake, can lead to anaemia, malnourishment, impairment and physical development of a child. In view of this rather glaring facts, This rural community having had many cases of worm infestation which causes illness to children is in dire need of an intervention. Spring Aid after undertaking a pilot research saw the need for such programme to the community. The community susceptibility is due to their exposures and lack of proper sanitation.

The exercise witnessed large turnout of children, parents and guardian who all converged at the Village Head palace for deworming; this is our way of giving back to communities by supporting the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We believe in the ‘Ubuntu’ spirit of “I am because we are” as the only means of bringing development to rural poor. While the exercise was going on an aged woman whom health personnel later discovered is the mother of the village head Mr Solomon Goni, drew the attention of health officials to her health travail (high blood pressure) and her inability to purchase the Anti-hypertensive drugs prescribed for her when she visited one of the hospitals in nearby neighbouring towns. Mama's case was completely different from the programme of the day but was equally important as it concerns general well being. President Springs Aid Foundation, Comrade Kenneth Chima, in his kindness and magnanimity volunteered to help mama purchase the anti-hypertensive drug in order for her to regain stable health condition. Responding to the gesture the octogenarian offered plenty of prayers in her local dialect for the Comrade and was interpreted by officials of the Area Council present at the event. Mama, said one good turn deserves another as such she gave a portion of firewood belonging to her to Comrade Chima, as a mark of appreciation. The programme finally came to an end after a successful exercise. The village head, Parents and guardians thanked the foundation for the exercise whilst they hope more of its kind will be brought to the village in not too distant time. .

"Boko Na Light" Initiative

More than 20 million Nigeria children have no access to education( Basic Literacy) which can be attributed to the fact that over 100 million Nigeria lives below the poverty Iine.

"Boko Na Light" Program ( Education is light) is designed to curb the challenges of the Nigeria Child and changing the bitter narrative of education, security and economic growth of the country. The model is to create learning hub for the out of school children, teach them how to read and write in English and their indigenous language and give them training in digital skills. Every child deserves education and education indeed can not wait.

#StopCholera in Nigeria READ MORE

#StopCholera in Nigeria READ MORE

#StopCholera in Nigeria READ MORE